Ultra-long distance requires ultra-good conditions. Therefore, our ultra race is located in the most beautiful landscape you can find, and our 50-mile course includes all our favorite trails. We’ve stacked our energy stations with everything from cinnamon buns and raw food bars to pancakes, soups and pasta, everything made by organic ingredients. Running far has never been easier!


The whole purpose of Icebug Xperience is to show you something new. To make you realize that a race can be so much more than a race. In our world, a race is more than the blood, sweat and tears you produce between the start and finish line. In fact, you don’t even have to run. Therefore, we invented a race that doesn’t end at the finish line. The finish line is just the start of something new.


Icebug Xperience Ultra is located in Bohuslän, which according to us is the most beautiful place in the world. You can find an endless amount of trail races that take place in forests or mountains, but we don’t know any other race where you can inhale the seabreeze while running or walking along the cliffs with the salt ocean water splattering against your face. We can assure you that running up to 16 hours in this stunning environment is a one of a kind-experience..


The only thing better than a running session is the meal after the running session. Therefore, we’re hosting a banquet after the race where you can try the best food the Swedish west coast has to offer. Get ready to savour some high quality fresh fish, sea food and meat. All food is produced by professional chefs and made by organic and locally produced ingredients.