Bus to Gaustablikk

Icebug offers a transfer bus to Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell from:

The price is 600/400 SEK per person and includes return trip.
Remember to buy bus tickets for any children and non-participants travelling with you to the event. You can do this at registration.

Trip time from Drammen is about 2,5h.
Trip time from Gothenburg is about 7h.

Bus from Gaustablikk

Icebug offers a bus transfer from Gaustablikk/Rjukan:

Sunday 5th July

  • To Drammen Train Station, dep 16:00 (from Rjukanbadet, where you can shower and change)
  • To Gothenburg Central, dep 16:00 (from Rjukanbadet, where you can shower and change)

Return trip time to Drammen is about 2,5h, to Gothenburg about 7h.


Oslo Airport – Gardermoen

We recommend that any flight to Oslo Gardermoen Airport lands at the latest 14:00 CET on Thursday 2nd July. Note that this is for those taking our transfer bus from Drammen Train Station at 16:00.

We recommend that the earliest you book a flight back home from Oslo Gardermoen is 22:00 5th of July.

The Airport Express from the airport to Drammen takes about 60 minutes.