20 K

19,7 km, 770 m up, 1 210 m down

The third and final stage of Icebug Xperience Mountain Trail Weekend is a trip through history. This stage mostly follow the famous hiking route The Saboteur’s Trail, which has an interesting history. This route was used by the Norwegian saboteurs during a secret mission inWorld War II, when they had to blow up the heavy water plant at Vemork to prevent the Germans from building an atomic bomb.

The stage starts with a steep climb through a forest area, where you will climb almost 300 altitude meters during 3 kilometers. The course becomes flatter after 4 kilometers, when you get above the tree line. Now awaits 10 kilometers of flat trails on an open mountain. You will pass plenty of small, clearwater lakes and rivers where you can refill your bottles, and once in a while you’ll see signs with information about the saboteurs.

The final part of the stage is a downhill sprint on a switchback road. You will descend almost 500 metres in 3,5 kilometers, so remember to save some energy for your front thighs! Be proud of the experience you just accomplished!