How you cover the 75 kilometers during the three days at Icebug Xperience is up to you.

Starting Groups.

The race is divided into four different categories. You can enter the walking group if you want some extra time to enjoy the sceneries, Trail Running Sweden Mini Tour if you want to run in full speed with a clear course, running if you want some world-class trail running without the competition heat, or the run/walk group if you want to walk some parts and run some parts.

The Mini Tour group starts first, they need a clear course for maximum performance, and they make the experience for all other participants a bit hectic. Just a few minutes after the Walking group starts, the Run/Walk and the Runners start 1,5 and 2,5 hours after the walking group. We intend to have most of the participants at the finish during the same hour eating lunch together.

You can change your chosen group during Icebug Xperience; you can join the walking group one day and join the run/walk group next day.

If you have to step out of the race at one of the stages, you can still do the next stage, but without having your name in the “final results”


The running group is for you that runs most of the course but not aiming for the top 30 places. Here you will ha some word-class trail running for three days. The Running group starts last of all starting groups, and you will catch up with other participants during your run.

We recommend this group if you have run a trail-run of 20 km under three hours.


The popular starting group Run/Walk is for everyone that needs some good time at the trail-course, for everyone that wants some time to enjoy the beautiful scenery. This group is popular when you run with friends, with youths, or with your dog. The Run/Walk starts about 1,5 hours after the Walking group, and you will reach the finish line in perfect time for lunch.

We recommend this group for you how needs about 3-4 hours at a 20km trail.


The Walk group is for you that love to hike in the fantastic scenery of Bohuslän. Have a rest at some of the most stunning vantage points that West Sweden has to offer. You may walk with your friends, with your dog or just by yourself enjoying the tranquillity.

After about 2 hours, some participants from other starting groups will start catching up with you, but we intend to have most of the participants at the finish during the same hour.  That´s why the Walking group starts 1,5 hours before Run/Walk and 2,5 hours before the Running group.

The typic Hiker used about 4-5 hours at each stage 2019 (a bit longer day 2)