The second stage is the most diverse in this adventure and a stage that offers everything you can ask from a trail race. You run through enchanted deciduous forests and over rocks along the shore, as well as through stunning old stonemasonry and small fishing villages.

This stage starts on Bohus-Malmön, a place with an interesting stonemasonry history, with reminders such as the old quarries and stone remnants. The coastal trail here takes us around the island and you will pass nice beaches with smooth granite slabs. After 11K at Bohus-Malmön, you arrive at the ferry station, where a ferry will take you back to the mainland while you enjoy some refreshments. During the ferry break, timekeeping will of course be stopped.

The second part of the stage starts at Tullboden on the mainland. Here awaits a quite hilly track with a wide range of scenery. You will pass slippery rocks, verdant forests, and winding gravel roads. After approx. 14 additional K, you will reach the finish line in Kungshamn, where you enjoy a delicious lunch before you let the shuttle busses take you back to your accommodation.

The stage contains approximately 557 meters of vertical gain.

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