This stage begins at the Ramsvik race village and ends in the picturesque village of Hunnebostrand. You will pass through Ramvsvik, cross the bridge to the mainland, and up to Ödby Island. From there you will head to the unique Stonemasonry Museum and then into the hilly terrain around Hunnebostrand. Enjoy a varied landscape where the hill peaks provide a magnificent view of the landscape and archipelago. You will pass lovely deciduous forests that are quite technical in some parts. The last kilometers are downhill and you will finish is in the beautiful stone sculpture park in Hunnebostrand. Hunnebo hidden woods is the most challenging stage, at some of the peaks you have to slow down to be safe.

If it´s a rainy/wet day we recommend you to run this stage in studded shoes, Icebug Spirit OLX is our recommendation!

The stage contains approximately 560 meters of vertical gain.

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When you arrive to the bridge in the middle of the stage, you need to check in your timing device. Staff on the location will help you out.