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Before registering, please read our General Terms.

Registration opens 15th of January.

Price per person:

15-19th January: Early bird 995 SEK

20th January – 16th August: 1 200 SEK


Climate compensate your trip to Icebug Xperience

Climate-smart travelling to our event is something we highly recommend. Take the train, book a seat on our bus or share a car with your friends. You can compensate your trip directly when you sign up and Icebug will match your compensation with the same amount.

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To buy an additional official Aclima t-shirt and a Racebelt while you register!


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Ramsvik rests on traditional ground. It all began in 1958. Since then we have continued to attract visitors looking for a sense of freedom and fun activities in an unbeatable costal setting. Walk, fish, run. Canoe, climb, dive. Take photos, watch birds. Or simply sit on a rock and take in the beautiful surroundings.

Afterwards you sleep in one of our cottages, to the sound of lapping waves, as far west as you can get in Sweden.

Johannesvik is located in a scenic valley among the beautiful mountains of Bohuslän, near Smögen/Kungshamn. We have 350 campsite pitches and 40 cottages. The area consists of alternating meadows and woodland surrounded by mountains and sea.
For those of you who wish to exercise we offer nice trails and hiking paths connected to the facility. Our five service facilities contain all the equipment you could wish for at a facility of top class. Johannesvik is open all year round and offers something for all ages, we have a wide range of activities on the facility and in the surrounding area.

We offer boat trips in the beautiful archipelago of Sotenäs. The service is for small and large companies alike. Our main route in summer is between Kungshamn on the mainland to the Island of Smögen but we also offer trips to other destinations. The maximum amount of passengers we can bring on our three boats amounts to 100. The price of each trip and the number of persons we can bring depends on the type of arrangement. We operate from Easter to Halloween.

Aktivut is the Swedish/Norwegian event managing company behind the scenes in a several different outdoor events around Scandinavia. We have all the special knowledgement that is required to prepare and perform safe, top quality outdoor events with trekking, trailrunning, ski touring, kayaking, canoeing etc. We also love to participate in outdoor events and nature activities our selves and you will find us in the slope, on the mountain or the sea…… if we are not in the office. To perform the events we have a big group of fantastic volunteers that help us out.

Vann is a four-star spa and conference hotel, located 23 kilometers northeast of the town of Lysekil, just an hour’s drive from Gothenburg. The hotel is set in a nature reserve and our nearest neighbour is the Gullmar Fjord, Sweden’s first marine conservation area. The Hotel has a 1000m2 SPA area. VANN´s surroundings display much of our way of thinking and being here at VANN. We welcome you to a place which embraces the water as the source of life, and that speaks its very own design and material language. We envelop our guests in a magical web of water and unique experiences. We gently guide you from water to sauna, from feeling stressed and worn out to feeling harmonious, well rested, and full of energy.
The hotel’s location next to the sea and the forest invites you to try various activities such as kayaking, running on the trail, a relaxing moment in the woods. Or why not exercise in our outdoor gym or on our obstacle course.


We have gathered everything you need to know here.

If you have any other questions regarding Icebug Xperience West Coast Trail, please contact us at

For questions regarding accommodation, please contact

Sign Up

Registration opens 22 Jan 2018


Here is everything you need to know. If you still have any questions, please contact us at!

Our starting fee is 1 200 SEK. This includes all the service along the track, several food stations with meals made from organic ingredients. The starting fee also includes a fold-a-cup from Wildo, a merino wool tee from Aclima and a medal. Shuttle buses from Hunnebostrand and Ramsvik to the start at Bohus-Malmön are also included.

Early Bird offer 995 SEK if you register between January 15-19!

Registration is open January 15th to August 16th.

The starting time is 06:00, Thursday, September 3rd, 2020.
The start is located on the island of Bohus-Malmön.

After about 12 kilometers the time is stopped while a ferry takes you from the island Bohus-Malmön to the mainland where the clock starts again after your first energy station.

After about 50 and 65 kilometers there is a bridge that sometimes opens for boat traffic, so the race timing is automatically stopped for everyone before and after the bridge.

The ferry leaves from the mainland every half and hour. 10 minutes past and 20 minutes to.

For instance: 12:40, 13:10, 13:40, 14:10, 14:40 and further on.

Follow this link to the timetable in Swedish

There are 8 energy stations during the course.

We use sports drinks and bars from UMARA, which may contain nuts. For gluten- and lactose-free pancakes and energy, ask the volunteers.

NOTE: These 8 energy stations are preliminary. They may change as we get closer to IX Ultra 2020.

13K: (Before the ferry) Water, sports drink, bananas, energy bars, coffee.

27K: Water, sports drink, coffee, energy bars, bananas, pickles, bouillon.

Cut-off 1. At 12.00 Kungshamn at 32K.

38K: Water, sports drink, bananas, pancakes with sugar, energy bars, coffee.

43K: (Drop bag station at Väjern): Water, sports drink, coffee, energy bars, bananas, pickles, bouillon.

Cut-off 2. At 15.00 Väjern 43K.

50K: Water, sports drink, coffee, energy bars, bananas, pickles, bouillon.

59K: Tapped water available at Ramsviks Camping.

Cut-off 3. At 18.00 Sote Channel at 65K (second time over the bridge).

65K: Water, sports drink, coffee, energy bars, bananas, pickles, bouillon.

70K: Water, sports drink, energy bars, bananas, pickles, bouillon.

80K (Finish line) Water, sports drink, coca-cola, pasta, energy bars, sports drink.

The finish closes at 21.00.

  • You participate at your own risk.
  • Be careful at all intersections. The roads are not closed, and common traffic rules apply.
  • Of course, it’s mandatory do help other runners, if they’re in need.
  • Always contact the race office if you leave the track or need to abort the race. You’ll find the phone number to the race management on your map and/or the back of your BIB.

All forms of littering are strictly prohibited – conscious littering means immediate disqualification and eternal shame.

Any bars, gels and other disposals that are brought on the Icebug Xperience course must be marked with the participants BIB number. Participants that are found to be discarding trash in the nature during Icebug Xperience will be subject to time penalties and/or disqualification from the race.

It’s allowed to have your own support throughout the whole course.

IMPORTANT! Your support must help other participants in need of energy, water or help.

You’re allowed to use two drop bags:

  • One, which will be brought to Väjern, located at 43K. The bag should be clearly marked with “DROP BAG #1” your name and your BIB number.
  • One, which will be brought to the finish line. This bag should be clearly marked with “DROP BAG FINISH LINE”, your name and BIB number.

The finish area closes approximately 21:00.

Cut-off 1 (Kungshamn, 32K) at 12:00

Cut-off 2 (Väjern, 43K) at 15:00

Cut-off 3 (second time you pass the bridge over Sotekanalen, 65K) at 18:00

Wednesday 2nd September.

16:00 Race Office opens at Ramsvik Camping.

18:00 Race information at IX Ultra Camp – canceled due to Covid-19

18:30 Pasta party at IX Ultra Camp – canceled due to Covid-19

Thursday 3rd September

05:00 Race office opens at Bohus-Malmön/Starting area.

04:30 Bus from Hunnebostrand Hostel (Asslerödsvägen 6, Hunnebostrand) to the starting area (Bohus-Malmön).

06:00 IX Ultra start, at Bohus-Malmön.

14:00-20:00 Runners finish, food will be served at the finish line.

Price ceremony at the finish shortly after the top 3 has crossed the line.

20:00 IX Ultra banquette – canceled due to Covid-19

Airport:  Gothenburg Landvetter Airport
You need to arrive at Gothenburg Airport at the latest 14:00 Wednesday, September 2nd.

Airport Coaches: Landvetter Airport – Gothenburg
Take the Airport Coach to Gothenburg Central station.

Train/Bus to Munkedal Station: Use the travel planner, Type From “Centralstationen” to “Munkedal station”.

Train/Bus to Bohus-Malmön from Munkedal Station: Use the travel planner, Type From “Munkedal Station” to “Bohus-Malmön”.

Sunday, September 6th.

Use the travel planner to find your trip. Type from ”Bohus-Malmön” and to your desired stop.

The earliest flight you can book back home is 16:00.

You can always book a cab direct to the airport, takes about 2h and the fixed fee is:

330 euro (4-person cab)

500 euro (8-person cab)

Train/Bus to Gothenburg Central Station, Use the travel planner, type from “Munkedal station Munkedal” to “Centralstationen Göteborg”

Airport Coaches: Landvetter; Airport–Gothenburg

Airport:  Gothenburg Landvetter Airport

There are some things that you need to bring during the race.

  • Timing device to be placed around the ankle (will be provided in your starting kit).
  • It is important that the device is returned directly at the finish line. If not, we will charge 500 SEK in compensation.
  • Map (Will be provided in your starting kit)
  • Liquid for 30 kilometers (min 0.5 l)
  • Energy (Energy bar, energy gel etc. Minimum 500 kcal)
  • Extra shell jacket or a safety blanket
  • First aid kit (blood stopper/plasters and bandages)
  • Whistle
  • Fold-a-cup (To use at the water stations, since we’re not using any disposable cups. Will be provided in your starting kit)
  • Cell phone
  • If running later than 19:00. Headlamp and reflexes are mandatory.

Important: We will make random controls, and participants missing some of the equipment will get penalty time.

NOTE: All of your bars, gels or other disposals MUST be marked with your bib/starting number. Participants that are found to be discarding trash in the nature during Icebug Xperience will be subject to time penalties and/or disqualification from the race. Marking of disposables is mandatory and will be subject to random checks.

Icebug Xperience Ultra is an event for all your senses. Therefore, our mission is to provide you with the best food and beverages you can find in Sweden – and everything is made from organic and locally produced ingredients. The nutrition stations are full of organic food, fruit and cinnamon rolls from local producers.

Economic, social and environmental sustainability is something we really care about at Icebug Xperience West Coast Trail. We want the event to grow organically together with the area, to market Bohuslän as an all year-destination. We work with local entrepreneurs and innkeepers, and our vision is that everything consumed at the event is made by organic, locally produced ingredients. We also want to take care of the environment in the area. Most of the race therefore follow existing coastal paths and trails, and we place garbage bins during the course. We also inform our participants about the Swedish Right of Public Access and the importance of respecting it.

Any bars, gels and other disposals that are brought on the Icebug Xperience course must be marked with the participants BIB number. Participants that are found to be discarding trash in the nature during Icebug Xperience will be subject to time penalties and/or disqualification from the race.

Climate-smart traveling to our event is something we highly recommend. Take the train to Munkedal and get picked up by our shuttle buses. If you fly, we appreciate that you compensate for your ticket by, for example,

Due to the Covid-19 situation you can have your starting fee back if you can´t attend this race when we have changed dates. Please let us know by sending a mail to

We do not refund starting tickets but allow changing a participant’s name on registration free of charge. The person wishing to replace their registered name is responsible for finding their own replacement.

Note that it is only possible to change a participant’s name up to 10 days before the race takes place, or 1 day before the registration closes, whichever comes first.

Registration closes August 16th, 2020.

Please read our General Terms for more information.

If you want to be a part of this event but not want to run you can apply as an volunteer.

Please fill in the form (in swedish) that you will find here.

Kids Camp

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Icebug Xperience is an event for the whole family, and our goal is that every kid will leave Bohuslän with equal amount of excitement that you will feel. Therefore, we provide what we call Kids Camp while you run or walk the stages. Here, the kids can try kayaking, fishing and geocaching – all under the supervision of experienced outdoor guides. The Kids Camp is made for kids aged 6-14 years. Price 800 sek, meals and activities included.

For further questions regarding the Kids Camp, send an email to