Why do we cancel the event?

Due do the Corona virus, and new regulations from the Swedish and Norweigan government we unfortunately have to cancel Frozen Lake Marathon 2020. The situation is critical and we simply can’t guarantee that the virus won’t be spread at the event – and we are not allowed to arrange an event with more than 500 participants. Including staff, we were to be around 600 on the Ice. Spectators not included.

This is sad but this is the only possible option at this point.

Read more about the Covid-19 and the new regulations here:





Will my starting ticket automatically be moved to next years event?

Yes it does. You do not need to do anything, we handle this for you!


When is the race organized in 2021?

Next year Frozen Lake Marathon will take place 12-14th of march 2021.


Do I get a refund for my entry fee?

We refer to our general terms (https://icebugx.com/general-terms/) which tells in such circumstances the entry fee is not refunded. But we offer you beyond our rules to move your starting ticket to next years event.


Will I receive a refund for travel, accommodation and other expenses associated with the event?

Since these are not booked via Icebug, we refer to your specific bookings as well as each persons home and travel insurance.


Can I get the medal anyway?

Our mission is to inspire to outdoor activity, so we challenge you to participate in our challenge, ”run Frozen Lake Marathon at home” on Saturday.

What is this?

Run at home on Saturday and take a photo when you do. Post and tag this photo with #FLM2020 and @icebugofficial on instagram. By doing this, you’re participating in the draw of the trophies made for the real race by the ceramics artist Emmeli Hultqvist. Everyone who accept the challenge gets a medal and race t-shirt sent home. If you do not have instagram, publish your photo in our facebook group My Icebug Xperience – https://www.facebook.com/groups/491383734994099/


I’m only registered for The Frozen Lake Nightrun / Warm-up race. What happens to my ticket?

Your ticket will automatically be transfered to next years event, friday 12th of march, 2021.


If I can´t participate in Frozen Lake Marathon 2021, what do I do?

You have the opportunity to move your starting ticket to 2022 or to another Icebug Xperience as far as possible. Another option is to sell your starting ticket.

If you choose to participate in the race 2021, you do not need to do anything at all. We will automatically transfer your reservation to next years event.

If you can’t participate in the race 2021, and wish to change event or sell your starting ticket, please contact us at ix@icebug.se.


I am already in Gol, can I run on the lake anyway on Saturday?

Yes. But note that everything is done at your own risk. We do not offer any transport, energy, or else event related. But feel free to run the ice and enter our challenge!


General Terms – Paragraph 8


Icebug is exempt from liability in the event of a natural disaster, war, acts of governments or other authorities or any other comparable event beyond our control, which could not reasonably be foreseen and which affects the promises made on our part – for example our ability to arrange a race.

If one of our races is cancelled due to an event beyond our control or with regard to the participants safety, you are not entitled to claim a refund of the starting fee or require other compensation from Icebug.


Kids Camp

Kids Camp

The Icebug Xperience Frozen Lake Marathon is for the whole family, and our goal is for every child to leave Gol with an equal amount of excitement as you. So we provide what we call Kids Camp while you run. The kids get to try different outdoor activities such as dogsled, snow racers, throw snowballs and maybe even go for a trip on a snowmobile – all under the supervision of experienced outdoor guides. The Kids Camp is for kids aged 5-14 years. The cost is 500 SEK – lunch and activities included.

Preliminary schedule:

Friday, March 13
19:00 The Frozen Lake Kids run!

Saturday, March 14 - Race day!
09:30 - 10:30 Welcome/sign in.
Cheering for the parents and of course, play in the snow!
13:00 Lunch on the ice (warm local soup + bread)
The snow bonanza continues!
16:00 End of the day!

It is important that the children have clothes for outdoor activities in the snow.
In case of bad weather, there may be changes.
For further questions regarding the Kids Camp, send an email to ix@icebug.se


See all photos of yourself from the Frozen Lake Marathon

by entering your bib number:

If you’re a journalist or tour operator and have questions regarding Icebug Xperience,
please contact geirjarle@springtimegroup.no

Tour Operators

Our Official Tour Operators will get you to The Frozen Lake Marathon in Gol Norway and an Xperience you can not miss!

The official Tour Operator for Denmark


Marathon Travel Club


The official Tour Operator for Germany

interAir GmbH


The official Tour Operator for Spain




The official Tour Operator for South-East Asia


Athletes' Journey LLP



Transport from Oslo

The easiest way to travel from Oslo to Gol is by train, it takes approximately 3 hours.

We recommend the train with departure 12.03. There will be a shuttle bus from the train station in Gol to the hotels up on Gol-fjellet 11.45 and 15.00.

Nearest airport: Oslo Airport

We recommend that you arrive at Oslo Airport on Thursday the 12 of March or early Friday morning. Remember to climate compensate, see below.

Take the train to Oslo Central station.

Shuttle bus to the race arena

Shuttle buses go back and forth between the hotels up on Gol-fjellet and the Frozen Lake track.

Climate compensate your trip to Icebug Xperience

We highly recommend Climate-smart travelling to our events. If you go by car or fly, we appreciate if you climate compensate for your travel. Choose your relevant travel and compensate for the CO2 emmisions by the Climate Neutral Now project that is supported by Icebug.

To climate compensate means to reduce, avoid or remove the same amount (or more) of greenhouse gas emissions as the emissions caused by your travel. Icebug compensates by financing UN certified climate projects, see Climate Neutral Now. Of course climate compensating is only the tip of the iceberg, and our main focus is to reduce climate emissions in the daily work of making more sustainable shoes.

Car – up to 500km (0,12 ton CO2e)

Car – up to 1000km (0,23 ton CO2e)

Fly – Europe (0.59 ton CO2e)

Fly – over seas (2,93 ton CO2e)

Climate Neutral Now


Frozen Lake Marathon 14 March 2020

Our Official International Tour Operators has very advantageous packages for you traveling internationally.

Contact those ITAs from your country listed here, to take part of their packages.

Registration closes February 29!

The Frozen Lake Marathon 1.500 SEK

The Frozen Lake half Marathon 1.200 SEK

Nigthrun – warm-up run Friday included in your Frozen Lake registration.

If you only want to run the Nightrun the cost is 250 SEK

Late registration from 1 of March!

The Frozen Lake Marathon 1.700 SEK

The Frozen Lake half Marathon 1.400 SEK

Nigthrun – warm-up run Friday included in your Frozen Lake registration.

If you only want to run the Nightrun the cost is 450 SEK


Climate compensate your trip to Icebug Xperience

Climate-smart travelling to our event is something we highly recommend. Take the train, book a seat on our bus or share a car with your friends. Climate compensate here.

The Course

It is ice, only ice! 

We create a lap of 21,1 km on the frozen lake that you run once (21,1 km), or twice (42 km).

Icebug Frozen Lake Marathon is open to everyone. Every step is taken on pure ice in this beautiful event, which is limited to 500 participants. We guarantee the flattest elevation profile in the world and an experience you’ll never forget.

Tisleifjorden is located 819 meters above sea level in the Norwegian municipalities of Gol and Hemsedal in Buskerud and Nord-Aurdal municipality in Oppland.

For the most part, the ice on the lake is about 80 cm thick – with a carrying capacity up to 30 tons. A safe course is plotted by an assembled support team. The team monitors the course closely. The final course is laid out just days before the race starts.

Among other things, the lake is used for testing tires, emergency vehicles and drivers who want to test their skills in icy conditions. Now we let you take on the lake running!


Below you can see a graphic sketch of the 2019 course.


Location: Tisleifjorden, Gol, Norway

The race area (start and finish) is situated on Tisleifjorden, 25 km from Gol, Norway. See map.

Distance to Tisleifjorden by road:

From Oslo: 190 km
From Bergen: 300 km
From Göteborg: 500 km
From Stockholm: 725 km

Getting here

The best way to get to the start is to reserve a seat on the official shuttle bus – operating between the official race hotels and the race arena.

Parking availability will be highly limited by the race area. There are a few parking spaces located close to the arena. Please equip your car with studded tires if you intend to drive to the starting area.

Bag service during the race

Participants will be able to drop one bag in the race area. Make sure your bag is clearly tagged at the top, before leaving it at the bag drop, to ensure a quick service when you collect it after the race. Please do not leave valuable items in your bag. While we do our best to keep your belongings safe, Icebug do not accept liability for lost belongings and valuables.

Changing facilities & toilets

Tents for changing will be provided in the race area. The changing facilities are very basic, and we recommended that you arrive dressed for the race.

There will be portaloo toilet facilities available.

Test run a pair of Icebug shoes

You will get the chance to borrow a pair of Icebugs for testing during the race. Our shoe testing tent offers all sizes in a few select models. Please note that the test shoes are limited and there is no guarantee that you will be able to borrow a pair or find the right size.

For safety reasons, participants must ensure that they wear studded shoes during Frozen Lake Marathon.

Studded shoes

The entire track is made of ice, so participants will need to wear studded shoes.

Even with steel studs under your feet, there is never a 100% guarantee that you will not slip, so please take care.


Since the race takes place in alpine terrain, the weather may be a bit unpredictable. We advise you to bring clothes for all types of weather conditions.

The course

The race consists of one or two 21,1 km laps on a course of 100% ice. A safe course is plotted by an assembled support team. The team monitors the course closely and the final course is laid out just days before the race start.

Energy station

We will serve; Umara as a sports drink, water, coffee, energy bars, bananas, pickles, cinnamon rolls, chips and some candy.

You will find the energy stations at 7km, 14km, 16km, 19km, 28km, 35km, 37km and 40km.

About the lake

Tisleifjorden is located 819 meters above sea level in the Norwegian municipalities of Gol and Hemsedal in Buskerud, and the Nord-Aurdal municipality in Oppland. For the most part, the ice on the lake is about 80 cm thick – with a carrying capacity up to 30 tons.

Among other things, the lake is used for testing tires and emergency vehicles, and by drivers looking to test their skills in icy conditions.

Read more about Isbanedrift, the company operating the track: www.isbanedrift.no

Friday March 13

12:00 – 16:00 Race office at Oset Høyfjellshotel. Pick up your bib here.

17:00 Race arena opens at Tisleifjorden. Pick up your bib here.

19:00 The Frozen Lake Nightrun – Warm-up race – headlamp is recommended!

Inlcuded in the startingfee for the Frozen Lake Marathon. 250SEK for those who just want to run Friday!

20:00 – 22:00 Race office at Oset Høyfjellshotel. Pick up your bib here.

Saturday March 14 – Race day!

08:00 – Race arena opens at Tisleifjorden. Pick up your bib here.

10:00 START Frozen Lake Marathon 42K

11:00 START 21K

13:00 Podium Ceremony 21K

13:30 Podium Ceremony 42K

16:00 Cut off time all distances

Lunch on the ice after finish (warm local soup + bread)

Frozen Lake Marathon shuttle bus service.

Below you find our bus timetable during Frozen Lake and the shuttle bus is free for everyone participating at the races.

You don´t need to book any bus rides in advance! 

If you can, please use the shuttle bus instead of driving a car to the arena due to limited parking close to the arena.

If you are driving to the arena, we absolutely recommend studded tires or snow chains. To reach the parking lot you have to drive a quite steep icy road.

Friday 13 March
  • 11:45 Gol Station to Storfjell - Oset - Guriset – Merket 
  • 15:00 Gol Station to Storfjell - Oset - Guriset – Merket
  • 17:15 Gol Station to Pers Hotel – Storfjell – OCR Gym Cabin – FLM Arena 18:15 
  • 17:30 Merket to FLM Arena 18:20
  • 17:45 Guriset to Oset Hotel – FLM Arena 18:15 
  • 20:15 FLM Arena to OCR Gym Cabin – Storfjell – Pers Hotel – Gol Station 21:15 
  • 20:15 FLM Arena to Guriset – Oset Hotel
  • 20:15 FLM Arena to Merket 
Saturday 14 March
  • 08:00 Gol Station to Pers Hotel – Storfjell – OCR Gym Cabin – FLM Arena 09:15 (FULL MARATHON SHUTTLE) 
  • 08:00 MERKET to FLM Arena 08:50 (booth 42k and 21k start) 
  • 08:45 Guriset to Oset Hotel – FLM ARENA 09:15 (FULL MARATHON SHUTTLE) 
  • 09:00 Gol Station to Pers Hotel – Storfjell – OCR Gym Cabin – FLM Arena 10:15 (HALF MARATHON SHUTTLE) 
  • 09:45 Guriset to Oset Hotel – FLM ARENA 10:15 (HALF MARATHON SHUTTLE) 
  • 14:00-17:00 FLM ArenaShuttle bus to OCR Gym – Storfjell – Pers hotel – Gol Station
  • 14:00-17:00 FLM ArenaShuttle bus to Guriset – Oset – Merket 
Sunday 15 March
  • 09:00 Merket to Oset – GurisetStorfjell – Gol Station 10:15 
Timetable shuttle bus

How long time between every stop?  To understand when you should be ready at your bus stand just use this calculated timetable. For example. If you stay at Storfjell Hotel and going to the 21k start you should be ready at the bus stand outside the hotel 9:25.

Friday and Saturday:

Gol Station – Pers Hotel – Storfjell – OCR Gym Cabin – FLM Arena 

+ 5 min Pers Hotel 

+ 25 min Storfjell 

+30 min OCR Gym Cabin

Guriset – Oset Hotel – FLM Arena 

+ 5 min Oset Hotel


Merket – Oset – Guriset – Storfjell – Gol Station  

 + 25 min Oset 

+ 35 min Guriset 

+ 50 min Storfjell 


If you have a question that isn’t answered on the website, please send us an e-mail at ix@icebug.se.

For group bookings and visitors, please contact by email: geirjarle@springtimegroup.no

Am I allowed to run with my dog?

Yes, we like dogs and they are welcome to participate and run in a leash.

What if I get injured?

If an accident happens and you need to exit the race, our race staff will assist you. Medical staff are on stand-by in the starting area, in the event of an accident.

Do I get anything to eat at the finish line?

At the finish line we will serve soup, water, energy drinks and bars.

Is there an age restriction?

No. If you think you can run it, then you can run it.


A great run starts with
a good night's sleep.


Centrally located in Tisleidalen you will find the Red Cross Sentrene AS - Merket. A modern accommodation with long traditions and a historic rush across the yard. Since "the morning of times" Merket has provided food and shelter to "people on the go" between the valley leaders Hallingdal and Valdres, and to those who in recent times would enjoy the simple pleasures of mountain life. Located 40 minutes from the race arena.


Oset Høyfjellshotell - FULLY BOOKED

The official hotel for The Frozen Lake Marathon 2020.

Oset is a family run mountain hotel with a cozy warm atmosphere. Since 1880 we have been renowned for our kitchen. Skiing and outdoor adventures are on your doorstep. Indoor pool, bar and dancing, Norway’s largest collection of farm antiques, and everything you would expect of a genuine Norwegian mountain lodge. Located 10 minutes from the race arena.

Golsfjell Fjellstue - FULLY BOOKED

Golsfjell Mountain Lodge is a traditional and charming lodge hotel in the mountains of Gol, 965 meters above the sea, with a view to Tisleiafjord, the mountains of Hemsedal and Jotunheimen national park. The Rally loft contains an exhibition of the careers of the brothers Henning and Petter Solberg. The Mountain Lodge also offers a varity of team building activities such as ATV’s, snow scooters, it’s very own excavator and much more. Located 3 minutes from the race arena.

Storefjell Resort Hotel - FULLY BOOKED

Experience the Storefjell Adventure at 1001 meters. This superb Resort Hotel offers more than just accommodation. We are a full service hotel in the mountains. Traditional great food, skiing, pool, concerts & live music ensure an exciting and fun stay with us. The hotel has it’s very own exhibition and conference center. Located 20 minutes from the race arena.


Pers hotel is located in the charming rural town of Gol and differs from other typical mountain hotels because, in addition to its proximity to ski slopes, there are a variety of other outdoor activities on offer. The hotel has a reputation for good food, friendly staff, and an informal atmosphere. We are a full-service hotel with restaurants, bars, Tropicana Aqualand, SPA and Bowling. Located 25 minutes from the race arena.

Huts / packages

For group bookings and visitors, please contact by email: geirjarle@springtimegroup.no