Why do we cancel the event?

Due do the Corona virus, and new regulations from the Swedish and Norweigan government we unfortunately have to cancel Frozen Lake Marathon 2020. The situation is critical and we simply can’t guarantee that the virus won’t be spread at the event – and we are not allowed to arrange an event with more than 500 participants. Including staff, we were to be around 600 on the Ice. Spectators not included.

This is sad but this is the only possible option at this point.

Read more about the Covid-19 and the new regulations here:





Will my starting ticket automatically be moved to next years event?

Yes it does. You do not need to do anything, we handle this for you!


When is the race organized in 2021?

Next year Frozen Lake Marathon will take place 12-14th of march 2021.


Do I get a refund for my entry fee?

We refer to our general terms (https://icebugx.com/general-terms/) which tells in such circumstances the entry fee is not refunded. But we offer you beyond our rules to move your starting ticket to next years event.


Will I receive a refund for travel, accommodation and other expenses associated with the event?

Since these are not booked via Icebug, we refer to your specific bookings as well as each persons home and travel insurance.


Can I get the medal anyway?

Our mission is to inspire to outdoor activity, so we challenge you to participate in our challenge, ”run Frozen Lake Marathon at home” on Saturday.

What is this?

Run at home on Saturday and take a photo when you do. Post and tag this photo with #FLM2020 and @icebugofficial on instagram. By doing this, you’re participating in the draw of the trophies made for the real race by the ceramics artist Emmeli Hultqvist. Everyone who accept the challenge gets a medal and race t-shirt sent home. If you do not have instagram, publish your photo in our facebook group My Icebug Xperience – https://www.facebook.com/groups/491383734994099/


I’m only registered for The Frozen Lake Nightrun / Warm-up race. What happens to my ticket?

Your ticket will automatically be transfered to next years event, friday 12th of march, 2021.


If I can´t participate in Frozen Lake Marathon 2021, what do I do?

You have the opportunity to move your starting ticket to 2022 or to another Icebug Xperience as far as possible. Another option is to sell your starting ticket.

If you choose to participate in the race 2021, you do not need to do anything at all. We will automatically transfer your reservation to next years event.

If you can’t participate in the race 2021, and wish to change event or sell your starting ticket, please contact us at ix@icebug.se.


I am already in Gol, can I run on the lake anyway on Saturday?

Yes. But note that everything is done at your own risk. We do not offer any transport, energy, or else event related. But feel free to run the ice and enter our challenge!


General Terms – Paragraph 8


Icebug is exempt from liability in the event of a natural disaster, war, acts of governments or other authorities or any other comparable event beyond our control, which could not reasonably be foreseen and which affects the promises made on our part – for example our ability to arrange a race.

If one of our races is cancelled due to an event beyond our control or with regard to the participants safety, you are not entitled to claim a refund of the starting fee or require other compensation from Icebug.