Together we own the forest.


Forest Femmes is for everyone. We place considerable focus on having fun and enjoying our surroundings, and very little focus on speed and performance. All levels are welcome and we make sure we come up with challenges to suit everyone.


We run outdoors in all kinds of weather, during all seasons. We love being out in the forest and notice what a positive impact it has on our wellbeing, both physical and mental. We want everyone to have the chance to experience it!


A lot of women who come think they are ‘bad’ at running and that they aren’t ‘real’ runners. We try to change their attitude and explain that a ‘real’ runner is someone who runs, at any speed. So as far as we’re concerned, everyone there is a REAL runner.

We only use positive expressions and never phrases like: “Last one loses”.


We want people to feel comfortable while running in the forest. At Forest Femmes, our main commitment is that you feel safe. Our experienced leaders knows all the trails we are running, they’re also equipped with a first-aid-kit and educated in how to use it.

We want to avoid accidents and recommend all runners to use trail shoes, and especially Icebug shoes thanks to the unbeatable traction. In dark conditions, head lamps is mandatory, as well as studded shoes or ice cleats are in sub-zero temperatures.



Our mission with Forest Femmes is to inspire people to run in the forest and to experience nature together – and of course all Forest Femmes-events are free to join.


Forest Femmes started in Gothenburg, Sweden, but we know that people are longing for the forest all over the world.

We’re always looking for new leaders. If you’re interested in hosting a Forest Femmes-group in your city, please contact us at