Below is everything you need to know about Forest Femmes.
If any questions still remain after checking the below, please send us an email at!

Forest Femmes is a trail running group with the ambition to inspire more girls to go trail running. Our main focus is the community and to have fun in the forest.

We started off in Gothenburg, Sweden and are now in several locations around the world. Read more here!

Different in different cities. Every city has their own Facebook page where all information is presented.

You need some basic endurance, since this is a running group. However, we always have several different pace groups at each event, and there’s always a group for those who want to take it a bit easier. You don’t have to be a fast or experienced runner to go with this group.

This varies between cities. We try to have one group running 6 km of trail in 60 minutes, one doing 7-8 kms and one doing 10 kms in 60 minutes.

No. Forest Femmes is for free.

Yes, but you have to pay attention to the other runners. If someone is scared of dogs or allergic, we ask you to run with the dog in the back of the group.

You have to be 18 years old to run with us by yourself. Younger people can join the group together with a parent.

Our target group is girls, but we never deny anyone to join based on their gender.