Our course is a diverse experience, including everything from huge cliffs to narrow forest trails. The course follows the ocean and you will see old fishermen’s villages, heaths, canyons and a huge amount of red-coloured granite rocks.

The race starts in the picturesque port of Hunnebostrand. From here, you will run along the hand-dug Sote Channel with a hilly terrain combined with magnificent views. During this part, you will meet your first true challenge in having to beat two mountains.

Following this part, there will be 16 kilometres of excellent trails in the beautiful nature reserve Ramsvikslandet. This is a unique place, full of red-coloured granite slabs and traces from the ancient ice sheet with giant kettles and ice slides. After having, crossed Ramsvikslandet comes 10 kilometres of single tracks, passing mountains and forests.

Thereafter awaits the famous pier in Smögen. Here you will run by some late-summer tourists and small shops and restaurants. Then follows a few kilometres of asphalt before arriving to the beautiful village of Kungshamn. In Kungshamn you will be provided with cinnamon buns and raw food bars to get you energized for the upcoming hilly part filled with slippery rocks, verdant forests and winding gravel roads.

The last part is localized to the idyllic island of Bohus-Malmön. However, before you get to run here, you will need to take the ferry. Of course, the timekeeping is stopped until you get off the ferry and while waiting for it to pick you up. While waiting for the ferry there will be refreshments ready for you to enjoy.

On Bohus-Malmön, you will run a 12-kilometre loop on a coastal trail, passing by amazing beaches and smooth granite slabs. It is on this beautiful island, with an interesting stonemasonry history, that you will cross the finish line and will be served with food and drinks. Additionally it is here, on the Bohus-Malmön Pensionat that you will have the opportunity to reserve a place on a well-deserved finisher’s banquette.