Here is everything you need to know. If you still have any questions, please contact us at!

Our starting fee is 1 000 SEK. This includes all the service along the track, several food stations with meals made from organic ingredients. The starting fee also includes a fold-a-cup from Wildo, a merino wool tee from Aclima and a medal. Shuttle buses from the finish line to the start and bus transportation between the event and Munkedal train station is also included.

Starting time is 06:00. The start is located at Bohus-Malmön Guest.

The race time is stopped at approximately 12K, while a ferry takes you from Bohus-Malmön to the mainland. 
Time will stop automatically when you get to ferry mode and start again on the mainland.

After about 46 and 63 km there is a bridge that sometimes opens for boat traffic, so the race timing is automatically stopped for everyone before and after the bridge.

There are 8 energy stations during the course:

12K: Water, sports drink, cinnamon rolls, coffee, energy bars, bananas.

25K: Water, sports drink, cinnamon rolls, coffee, energy bars, bananas, pickles, potato chips, candy.

35K: Water, sports drink, pancakes, broth, soup, coffee, pickles, potato chips, candy.

41K: (drop bag station): Water, sports drink, cinnamon rolls, coffee, energy bars, bananas.

49K: Water, sports drink, energy bars, pickles, soup and pasta.

65K: Water, sports drink, energy bars, pickles, soup and pasta.

70K: Soup, pancakes, water, sports drink, potato chips, pickles, energy bars, candy.

80K (Finish line) Pasta, cinnamon rolls, potato chips, energy bars, sports drink, water.

The finish area closes approximately at 22:00.

  • You participate at your own risk.
  • Be careful at all intersections. The roads are not closed, and common traffic rules apply.
  • Of course, it’s mandatory do help other runners, if they’re in need.
  • Always contact the race office if you leave the track or need to abort the race. You’ll find the phone number to the race management on your map and/or the back of your BIB.

All forms of littering are strictly prohibited – conscious littering means immediate disqualification and eternal shame.

It’s allowed to have your own support throughout the whole course.

IMPORTANT! Your support must help other participants in need of energy, water or help.

You’re allowed to use two drop bags:

  • One, which will be brought to Väjern, located at 41K. The bag should be clearly marked with “DROP BAG #1” your name and your BIB number.
  • One, which bill brought to the finish line. This bag should be clearly marked with “DROP BAG FINISH LINE”, your name and BIB number.

The finish area closes approximately 22:00.

You need to pass Väjern at 41K before 13:00, and Ramsvik Bridge at 63K before 19:00 and the stonemasonry museum at 70 before 20:30.

Friday 31st August.

14:00 Race Office opens at Bohus–Malmön

16:00 – Bus from Munkedal Station to Bohus–Malmön – Find train/bus to Munkedal Station

18:00 – Bus from Munkedal Station to Bohus–Malmön – Find train/bus to Munkedal Station

21:00 – Bus from Munkedal Station to Bohus–Malmön – Find train/bus to Munkedal Station

18:00 Race information at Bohus–Malmön IX Ultra Camp

18:30 Pasta party at Bohus-Malmön IX Ultra camp

Saturday, 1nd of September

04:30 – Race office opens at Bohus-Malmön/Starting area

06:00 – IX Ultra start, at Bohus-Malmön.

14:00-20:00 – Runners finish, food will be served at the finish line.

16:00-21:00 – Shuttle buses back to IX Ultra Camp at Bohus–Malmön.

20:00 Price ceremony at IX Ultra Camp at Bohus-Malmön.

20:00 IX-Ultra banquet at Bohus-Malmön.

Sunday, 2rd of September

10:00 Bus transport to Munkedal Station

12:00 Bus transport to Munkedal Station

Airport:  Gothenburg Landvetter Airport

You need to arrive at Gothenburg Airport at the latest 14:00 Friday 31 of August.

Airport Coaches: Landvetter; Airport–Gothenburg

Take the Airport Coach to Gothenburg Central station.

Train/Bus to Munkedal Station, Use the travel planner, Type From “Centralstationen” to “Munkedal station”

Shuttle bus to From Munkedal Station to Bohus Malmön/ IX-Ultra Camp

Friday 31 of August, there will be 3 shuttle buses to choose, 16:00, 18:00, 21:00. We will plan the shuttle buses, so they match the train/bus from Gothenburg.

Shuttle bus from Bohus Malmön / IX-Ultra Camp 

Sunday 2 of September the first shuttle bus will leave Bohus-Malmön at 10:00, the second bus will leave Bohus-Malmön 12:00. The bus trip to Munkedal takes about 1,5 hours including the ferry trip.

The earliest flight you can book back home is 16:00.

You can always book a cab direct to the airport, takes about 2h and the fixed fee is:

330 euro (4-person cab)

500 euro (8-person cab)

Train/Bus to Gothenburg Central Station, Use the travel planner, type from “Munkedal station Munkedal” to “Centralstationen Göteborg”

Airport Coaches: Landvetter; Airport–Gothenburg

Airport:  Gothenburg Landvetter Airport

There are some things that you need to bring during the race.

  • Timing device (will be provided in your starting kit)
  • Map (Will be provided in your starting kit)
  • Liquid for 30 kilometers (min 0.5 l)
  • Energy (Energy bar, energy gel etc. Minimum 500 kcal)
  • Extra shell jacket or a safety blanket
  • First aid kit (blood stopper/plasters and bandages)
  • Whistle
  • Fold-a-cup (To use at the water stations, since we’re not using any disposable cups. Will be provided in your starting kit)
  • Cell phone

Important: We will make random controls, and participants missing some of the equipment will get penalty time.

Icebug Xperience Ultra is an event for all your senses. Therefore, our mission is to provide you with the best food and beverages you can find in Sweden – and everything is made my organic and locally produced ingredients. The nutrition stations are full of organic food, fruit and cinnamon rolls from local producers.

Economic, social and environmental sustainability is something we really care about at Icebug Xperience West Coast Trail. We want the event to grow organically together with the area, to market Bohuslän as an all year-destination. We work with local entrepreneurs and innkeepers, and our vision is that everything consumed at the event is made by organic, locally produced ingredients. We also want to take care of the environment in the area. Most of the race therefore follow existing coastal paths and trails, and we place garbage bins during the course. We also inform our participants about the Swedish Right of Public Access and the importance of respecting it.

We do not refund starting tickets at Icebug Xperience Ultra, but it’s possible to change participant name for free.

If you get sick or injured prior to the race, it’s possible participate in any other Icebug Xperiene event during 2019 instead.

Please send an e-mail to if you have any questions regarding this.