Gaustablikk, Norway28 - 30 JUNE 2019



Gaustablikk, Norway28 - 30 JUNE 2019



Mountain Memories.

The Norwegian mountains are something special. They're easy to fall in love with and almost impossible to leave. At Icebug Xperience Mountain Trail Weekend, we've taken the best mountain routes in the area Rjukan, and put them together for a unique 3-day trail camp. Get ready for some top-class trails and sceneries you will remember for the rest of your life.

3 days, 55 km.

The trail camp covers approximately 55 km during three days. As always at an Icebug Xperience, it's not about competing – it's about collecting memories.

We have experienced hiking/running guides. The running groups will not have more than 10 participants and the hiking groups will have a max of 15 participants. We will have a fast paced hiking group that fits more experienced hikers.

You can do it at your own pace - either that means you will be running it fast in narrow trail running shoes or walk it with hiking boots, backpack and trekking poles.


Full speed ahead!
The running group is all about trail running at its best

Fast hike

For the experienced hiker


Lower speed, more impressions.
The hiking group walks the stages at their own pace

What's included?

The Trail Weekend fee is 950 SEK. This includes transfer buses from Gaustablikk Høyfjellshotell to the start before stages 2 and 3 and back to the hotel after finishing the stages. It also includes a fold-a-cup from Wildo, a merino wool tee from Aclima and hiking/running guides during the three days. The stop at Selstali (day 2) where ”lapper” (pancakes), juice and coffee is served is also included.